Financial Representation


Financial Representation is of two sorts: representation in regard to the value-added tax in a particular country, and other financial representation, which consists primarily of EC customs clearance and occasional deliveries within the EC.

Financial Representation in Switzerland
We represent foreign clients with regard to the Swiss value-added tax. This allows foreign firms to participate in the Swiss market just as if they were Swiss firms.

Financial Representation in EC Countries
This form of financial agency is appropriate for clients from non-EC countries. By registering for the value-added tax, foreign firms can participate in free trade within the EC, without the necessity of establishing a branch in the country. Merchandise is delivered from one EC country to another without customs clearance.

Small Financial Representation
This category of financial representation is used chiefly in regard to EC customs clearance, since the non-EC company (e.g. Swiss, American, Japanese, etc. etc.) is already represented in regard to the value-added tax by a forwarding agent or other accredited firm.