Warehousing / Distribution

Swiss Distribution

Delivery status equivalent to that of Swiss firms


With the product "Swiss Distribution" we offer foreign firms the possibility of operating in the Swiss market exactly as Swiss firms do, without the necessity of establishing a branch in Switzerland. With a warehouse, registration with the tax authority, and the acquisition of a value-added tax number for your company, your current and future Swiss customers will receive their deliveries within 24 hours.

"Swiss Distribution" includes several modules:


  • Financial representation
  • - procurement of a value-added tax number
  • - settlement with the tax authority
  • Warehousing
  • - warehouse management (organized via barcode)
  • - transit warehouse if desired
  • - Commissioning, labels, repacking, etc.
  • - areas of b2c can, if desired, be added
  • - inventory
  • - Distribution
  • - delivery to the customer
  • Business to consumer (b2c)
  • - complete outsourcing of warehousing, procurement, distribution
  • - setting up of a customer call center
  • - ordering of goods based on minimum required stock quantities
  • - added value services
  • - customer billing
  • - processing of returned goods
  • - recycling

What are the advantages for your firm?

  • greater ability to compete in the Swiss market
  • greater access to the Swiss market
  • equality with Swiss companies without the necessity of having a branch in Switzerland
  • shorter time frames
  • delivery within Switzerland within 24 hours

What are the advantages for your Swiss customers?

  • purchases as easy as with a Swiss firm
  • transparent pricing
  • no importation costs
  • no documentation necessary for customs and value-added tax
  • warehouse in Switzerland

Optimal costs:

  • reduction of transport costs
  • reduction of customs clearance costs
  • reduction of administrative costs